Monday, 26 October 2009


today football we lost to 3a3 1-0 . thats all im gonna post . no mood

Friday, 23 October 2009


Yea . my class won again . wooohooooo . we won 3a9 3-1 . everyone tot we were gonna lose . but in the end we won . hahahahaha . 3a9's goal was cause by me . sigh . i made a mistake and they manage to score . after that i score back 1 goal for my class just before 1st half ends . =D . unfortunately kitty have to be substituted by prakash coz he injured . nw his leg swollen ady . then second half begins . we got a penalty coz they go push me . LOL . blardy asses . xD . ilmin took it and scored . hahahah . then i score again after that . left leg summore . (bangga) xD . oh yea . during second half . 3a9 got a penalty too . but they miss it . hahahahahahah . someone told me our keeper ( aaron ong ) takut . LOL . dunno real a not larr . coz i wasnt thr . lazy run down to see . hahaha . thats all .


Wednesday, 21 October 2009


FuYohh . hahaha . im back . xD . lazy to blog for the past few days . heehee . hmmm . yesterday my school's inter class football competition starts . haha . my class 3a6 have to face 3a8 . it was tough but we manage to win them by 1-0 . fariz is the one who scored it . hahaha . then today we have to go against 3a7 (ji zen's class) . haha . nt bad . we won by 3-0 . avinash scored the first goal . it was a free kick then it straight enter . after that fariz scored again . assist by me . hahaha . his goal damn cun . ilmin told me he uses scissors kick to score . haha . then i scored the last goal . wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee . xD . tmr we gonna have to face 3a9 . one of the strongest team . hope we win the match . thats all for now . im out . tcare everyone .

Friday, 16 October 2009


heyy . im back . first i want to apologise for abandoning my blog for so long . haha. finally pmr is over . phew . it was ok . haha . many things happen after pmr . one of it is . my friend went missing . hope he is ok larr . =D . well i guess i will stop here . i lazy to blog . xD

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

crazy day in school 15/9/09

yesterday was avinash ( my class monitor) winnie (kembarku) and my BIRTHDAY.hahahhaha...and oyu noe larr..smi tradition..kena rumble geh...nvm bout that larr..sudah the end of the day..thats when i kena the most...i didnt expect this to happen..LOL..i couldnt imagine...they brought flour and balloon to play worr..and of coz..i kena the most larr..birthday boy ma..wad to's some pichas we took.

Me & Avinash

water balloons
suppose to be only 3a6 gang.brandon come kacau.LOL

ilmin , me , sean & kitty

kita semua


Happy birthday to Winnie..wish u all the best..(:

Monday, 7 September 2009


school reopens AGAIN tomoro..wish its holiday nothing special happen today..hahha...yesterday was fun..i chat with melissa till 4 + while watching ironman..hahhaha..then today i woke up at 4pm...LOL...11hours plus man...can u believe it...and one more thing...018 is super cheap...LOL..i call lynn and talk to her for 23 minutes and it is oni 90 cents...wth man...gila betul kan..LOL..

thats all..
-willie out-
-fcuk school-